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our surf tips from a to z (linx4u)

surfin' here we have gathered a few selected links to german and international websites for you which we visit regularly or which we like and of which we assume that they are quite useful for you, too.
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LINK: www.biographie.net

www.biographie.net (multilingual)
a web portal which refers to more than 25.000 biographies,  ideal for all who quickly want to know something about somebody.

classical archives


LINK: www.classicalarchives.com

the biggest archive of classical music on the internet. here you find thousands of midi-files for downloading, played by well-known musicians.

deutsche welle


LINK: www.dw-world.de

apart from german, the deutsche welle radio station broadcasts in 31 different languages. if you have the real player or the windows media player on your computer, you can listen online.



LINK: www.ebay.com

just in case you haven't known yet, ebay is the biggest internet market and auction place. there is literally nothing you could not find there. we are ebay'ers for quite some time and we made some good bargain there.

frankfurt airport

(german and englisch)

LINK: www.frankfurt-airport.de

here you find everything around germany's biggest international airport, departure and arrival times, maps travel information and, and, and.


no link to g, yet



LINK: www.harley-davidson.com

there are many legends, on this website you find one of them (by the way, gisela rides a xl883 sportster 1993 and heinz a fxdl low rider 1980).



LINK: www.ibm.com/planetwide

35 years long heinz' employer. this website is a portal to all ibm companies around the world.

jazz in deutschland

(german and englisch)

LINK: www.jazzpages.com

a nice website about jazz - not only in germany. musicians, news, concerts, festivals, links... (almost) everything what a jazz fan needs.


no link to k, yet

laurel & hardy


LINK: www.laurel-and-hardy.com

the official website about the best couple of comedians of all times. an absolute must for all fans of stanley and oliver.


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no link to n, yet



LINK: www.fujipub.com/ooops

ooops is the abbreviation of "organization of online pipe smokers". although not very profesonally designed, it was one of the first websites on the internet (online since 1996) dealing with pipes and pipe smoking.



LINK: www.palm.com

question: what would heinz be without his palm m505? answer: he would be a nutty old guy, forgetting appointments and phone numbers and not even be fit for life. malicious gossip has it that he even plays "sea war" in the bath tub on it (the gossip is right).


no link to q, yet



LINK: www.therainforestsite.com

on the rainforest site you can make a difference. it only takes a couple of mouse clicks and the sponsors save some square feet of rain forest. there are no additional obligations for you. just give it a try! we click almost every day.



LINK: setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu

seti stands for search for extra terrestrial intelligence and seti@home is the largest distributed computing project of all times with mor than four million participants. a screensaver which searches for signals from outer space. we participate already for many years (however, our computer hasn't found the little green men, yet, either).

time ticker


LINK: www.timeticker.com

a world time clock second to none. this beautiful website created by martin zwernemann is one of heinz' favorites.


no link to u, yet

virus protection


LINK: www.symantec.com

you cannot be cautious enough these days! we have not only installed the norton antivirus software, but the whole package containing a personal firewall, anti-spam filter, and many more security features.

world fact book


LINK: www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook

on this website maintained by the cia (yes, the  american central intelligence agency) you can learn everything about all countries in this world. very informative.

linx on our websites

LINK: websites

on our own websites you find many more subject related links.



LINK: www.yamaha.com

a very comprehensive website presenting all yamaha products. heinz plays a psr6000 keyboard and before we purchased our harley-davidsons, yamaha was also the brand of our motorcycles.


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