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hb + gl + internet = hbgl.net

hello and a warm welcome!

great to have you here.

please come in, this is your    to our portion of the world wide web.
from here you can reach all <our websites> (many of them are in german only) and we also provide a couple of interesting <surf tips> for you as well.

additionally, under <contact> you learn how to reach us and we unveil some information <about us>, <where we live>, detailed <driving instructions> to our place and the <imprint> of this website.


information  hb = heinz boente, gl = gisela lampel

information  last change of the english part: march 8, 2006

information  hbgl.net is online since 12/06/1999. this is version 3.0 of october 2003

information  you can reach hbgl.net also via our urls www.hbglweb.de and www.ghwebsite.de

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