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what we both like

vacation and travelling

LINK: www.holidayreiseservice.de

apart from trips within germany and to other beautiful places in this world, we understandably travel to the countries where we spent a part of our life: denmark and the usa.

our motorcycles

LINK: www.hbgl.net/harley

if you understand german, click on the logo and read the full story about our bikes on our harley-davidson website. for those who can't wait: gisela owns a xl883 sportster and heinz has got a fxdl low rider.

dining out or cooking ourselves

LINK: www.luv2wok.de

we both like to cook, preferably chinese or italian food. if we don't feel like standing in the kitchen, we also love to dine out. click on the china guy to see gisela's recipe website with lots of authentic easy to follow chinese recipes.

bang & olufsen

LINK: www.bang-olufsen.com

we love the sound and the design of their stereo and video equipment. we own a beosystem 5500 (receiver, tape deck, cd-player and turntable) with beolab penta speakers, a beovision ms6000 tv set, a beosound1 system, and a beosystem 10 portable radio which is a real rarity in the meantime.

our saeco coffee machine

LINK: www.saeco.de

espresso, cappuccino, regular coffee... whatever you want on a press of a button. the machine grinds the coffee, boils the water and brews the coffee - the only thing you have to do yourself is drink it.

antiques and good bargains on flea markets

LINK: www.stuff4sale.de

quite a big part of our household goods is "old junk" (as heinz uses to say when he's kidding). gisela is in charge of buying and selling. if you understand german, why don't you just check out our stuff4sale website?

unser turkish okey game

okey game

we learned this game from our friends in turkey. it is similar to rummy but it is played with pieces instead of playing cards. we can really forget the time while playing.


as our little service you find here the game instructions for download or print:


FILE-LINK: okey_instructions.pdfokey_instructions.pdf
2 pages, 145kb

LINK: www.adobe.de/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

and more....

visit our personal websites and learn more about <gisela> and <heinz>, all you ever wanted to know.


our mobility

LINK: www.essen.de

until december 1985 we lived in essen/ruhr, and our relatives, friends and aquaintances still keep us connected with with this city. we therefore visit it regularly. (website is german and english)

LINK: www.ltk.dk

from january 1986 until march 1989 we had a great time in kongens lyngby, a charming little town in denmark, only about 20 minutes driving away from downtown copenhagen.  (website is danisch only)

LINK: www.mainz.de

in april 1989 we moved from lyngby to mainz, the capital of rhineland-palatinate, where we lived until december 1994. (website is german, english and french)

LINK: www.cityofpoughkeepsie.com

in january 1995 we moved to poughkeepsie for four years. this is an american town in the mid hudson valley, new york. about 1.5 hours driving away from both manhatten (in the south) and albany (north). (website is english only)

LINK: www.stadecken-elsheim.de

since april 1999 we are back in germany again. we now live in stadecken-elsheim. click on <where we live> to learn more about this little village. and here, you find <driving instructions> to our place. (website is german only)

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