where we live

our current hometown: stadecken-elsheim

mapstadecken-elsheim - (c) Steve Vickers 

this little town, due to area restructuring combined from the two villages stadecken and elsheim in 1969, is one of the biggest and most traditional wine growing communities in the heart of rheinhessen, germany's largest wine area.

elsheim logoelsheim (the part we are living in) has a little more than 2000 inhabitants. there is a drug store, a supermarket, a liquor shop, a post office, a little hotel, an ice cream parlor, a pizzeria, some restaurants and lots of vineyards. the twin village stadecken looks about the same (without the ice cream parlor, though, but with an excellent italien restaurant instead). and both are only 15 minutes driving to downtown mainz. what else could you ask for?

all in all, it is a cute little village and we are feeling quite at home but we will certainly not spend the rest of our life here.

LINK: www.vickers.de/stadeck1.htmsteve vickers has lovingly compiled a private website with many interesting facts about stadecken-elsheim. click on the town's coat of arms.


our apartment

below you see a 3d blueprint of our apartment. the size is about 130 square meters (about 1300 square feet) and it is located on the second floor right above a shop.

move your mouse pointer over the blueprint to see how we use the rooms:

the arrow points
at our balcony

the house

here, you find
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to our place.

our apartmentmaster bedroom (16 sqm)full bathroom (6.5 sqm)home office and library (14 sqm)multi-purpose and guest room (16 sqm)store room (3 sqm)cloak room (5 sqm) half bathroom (2 sqm)kitchen (6.5 sqm)door to balconydoor to staircaseliving area (61 sqm) 

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