driving instructions

how to find us

the following driving instructions will bring you safely to our place (hopefully). if you know the area it might not seem to be the shortest way depending from where you come, but it is the simplest way to describe:

no matter where you come from, get on autobahn a60

autobahn scheme

if you come from wiesbaden or bingen drive towards frankfurt. take exit lerchenberg and at traffic light turn right.

if you come from frankfurt or mainz or alzey drive towards bingen. take exit lerchenberg and at traffic light turn left.

now you are on country road 426. stay on this road and follow it for about eight kilometers (five miles) straight on towards sprendlingen/essenheim. you pass the zdf, a couple of intersections, traffic lights, a radio tower on your right, two essenheim exits, and many, many vine yards. after about seven kilometers the road goes downhill and when you are almost in the valley, you enter stadecken-elsheim (part of town elsheim).

right after the the city sign the road swings first left and then right. in the right swing make a sharp left turn and proceed for another 150 meters (165 yards) until you see alittle shop on your left hand side. this is the house we're living in.

the housethis is a picture of the house (the arrow points at our balcony, below the little shop)
an der steig 6
55271 stadecken-elsheim
06130  944113
have a safe trip!

as a little service you find here these instructions in print format:

FILE-LINK: drivinginstructions.pdfdrivinginstructions.pdf
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